PORT OF CORPSES BOOK- GRITTY HORROR with Complimentary Graphics!


Below is an introduction of PORT OF CORPSES from author Lauren Jewels’ and accompanying graphics by illustrator Matt Stanger:


PORT OF CORPSES Introduction

She hadn’t set her second foot into the door before she slipped on slimy matter. Seconds were all that time required of her. Ramona skidded across the floor, before crashing face first into the kitchen wall. In a series of movements desperately made from point A to point B to catch her fall, she had managed to slam the front door shut. Even luckier still, the lock latch had fallen down securely to seal her inside. She thought proudly to herself, “Ramona: 1 point, world: 0 points. She looked up and realized she was leaned against The Smiths “Meat is murder” poster. This gave birth to a uncontrollable chuckle, and for a moment she had forgotten why she was inside this putrid smelling apartment that wreaked of death.

She had believed for so many years that being a vegan, sparing the lives of animals and protesting food farming; would give her a sense of purpose in this world. She wanted to make a difference, to set an example. And today? The human race had fallen down a notch on the food chain. Now she was the hunted. Humans had been reduced to nothing more than meals on wheels. In her own weird way, she felt a sense of justice. Maybe now mankind would know what it felt like to be the other white meat. “Mom and dad; it’s what’s for dinner!” She was thankful for having the kind of sense of humor to make light of the worst of scenarios.

She took a glance down and noticed a tear in her fishnet stockings. The left side of her body was caked with dust from the dirty apartment wall. She had blood smeared on her right side from her encounter with the ghouls in the alley way. A young Latino thug had attacked her for what she would have normally thought to have been a mugging or rape. In actuality, she was the target of a late night zombie snack. Others followed in the distance behind the dead boy. She didn’t have her switchblade in between her breasts as she usually did, but was lucky enough to free a loose pipe from the building wall. Of all the things Ramona had seen and all the creeps she had encountered, this was by far the worst scene of all. She couldn’t make out faces in the shadows or even see where and if she was striking anything with the pipe. She could only rely on the glow of the faraway street lamps to expose her successful contact hits. ”



” Lauren Jewels is a horror loving, graveyard lurking mother of two who writes scary stories for fun. She is a model, make-up artist, and a tarot/ fortune teller at a shop on Hawthorne.”

“Matt Stanger is also a horror loving, graveyard lurking local artist. He is often found painting, airbrushing, playing in his band “The Lordy Lords,” or slanging clothes on Hawthorne at Naked City.”


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