Advertising with H-S/M



Hearse-Say Magazine provides a great way for you to get your creations and services noticed!

Below is our ad rates. They are sure to go easy on your wallet while promoting you in a variety of places (listed below):


Promote yourself!:

Ad price discounts are available for multi-issue advertising. Just ask!

Quarter and Banner spread sizes are left up to the advertisee as to which one they feel best suits their ad.

When the issue is released, the ad will run for the entirety of that month.

You will also get a report showing how many views your ad received in the *period(s) you paid for. We want you to know how you’re doing!

(*H-S/M’s reporting periods are Quarterly, using the calendar schedule January 1 – December 31)

This includes weekly *teasers sent out via H-S/M’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. They will also be displayed on the main page of this site (*Images shown of the ads that are contained within the magazine, but the names of those they belong to are not displayed. This is to attract interest and encourage purchase and support of the magazine, as well as those it promotes/advertises for).

All issues are archived and the ads in each issue are, of course, left intact.

The covers of each issue are displayed and previews for archived issues are NOT available (aside from the promotional issue, which will always be free to download).


1) Send and email to

2) Specify the rate and number of issues you’d like to have your ad promoted in.

3) How and where to pay is then provided to you.

4) Your ad is promoted in the magazine and as a weekly teaser for the period(s) paid for!

NOTE: This page is subject to updates. So, check back often!



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